Advantages of Card Control Access Solutions

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January 9, 2018
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Advantages of Card Control Access Solutions

Since time immemorial, ‘How safe is your premises?’ has been that one question passed down from generation to generation. We work in buildings, live in buildings, and even walk into buildings to seek various services such as healthcare. With many people walking into these buildings, distinguishing between intruders and genuine persons is an exercise that can never be neglected.  

Throughout all civilizations, there has never lacked a form of access control solution. Right from logs across caves to drawbridges in castles, our very own doors to windows; all civilizations of human beings have shown a concern towards those granted access to nearly all premises.

With advancements in technology came the advancements in access control solutions. We are currently shifting from the usually copper locks to more advanced control systems, with one of the most popular types being card control access solutions.

There are different types of card control access solutions among them being, smart card identification which carries out identification via encrypted contactless cards; and proximity identification which carries out identification via contactless card readers based on different set standards. Some benefits of card access control solutions include:

Robust protection of people and property

With regular keys, you cannot tell which person enters and leaves the doors. Card access controls, on the other hand, account for every entry and exit into a room. If one tries to breach the system, an alarm is fired and various security measures are taken.

On a different note, in the event that any valuable items with street values go missing, the persons responsible for theft can be easily tracked down since everyone who had access to the premises had their details recorded.

Easy and accurate accountability on history of entry

Card access control systems record the details of everyone entering or leaving a given premises. The moment one scans the card in their possession, credentials such as time, name, and location are keyed into the system. The data recorded in the system promotes easy and accuracy of accountability on history of entry.

Ease of restrictions

Card access control administrators can either accord or deny various entry privileges to card owners without having to confiscate the cards. They can determine which rooms can be accessed or cannot be accessed by which persons in a given facility from a central location, hence ease of restrictions. This is useful, especially in sensitive facilities such as hospitals or where highly valuable goods are housed.

Lost cards still means protected premises

In the event that a legitimate card owner loses his or her access card, there should be no major cause of alarm since the lost card can simply be deregistered from the system thereby rendering it obsolete. Furthermore, access control cards cannot be faked which means that even if stolen, coming up with a similar copy with access privileges is impossible.

Savings on cost of utility; especially where the card control access can be integrated with other systems

Where card control access can be integrated with other building systems such as putting on and off of lights or regulation of room temperatures; a sumptuous amount of running the various integrative utilities in the building can really be cut down.  

The best way to protect a given building from intruders is by implementing the latest security technologies. Card control access is, therefore, a great choice of security measure in both commercial and residential buildings.

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