Proactive Monitoring of Skype for Business is a Key Business Strength

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January 24, 2018
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Proactive Monitoring of Skype for Business is a Key Business Strength

Skype for business ranks among the best three global telephony providers for businesses. The fact that many organizations are deploying its use is an indication that the technology has the realms required to effectively drive various business objectives.

Being a sophisticated mixture of hardware, software, as well as integrated third-party services that run around the clock, it is common for challenges to arise unexpectedly once in a while. What counts is how your team is capable of absorbing the challenges and coming up with real-time solutions to avoid experiencing downtimes in your Skype for business.

After doing a series of research and looking into user recommendations on the best proactive monitoring solutions for Skype for Business, Unify Square PowerSuiteTM kept on surfacing as a popular option among many organizations. The monitoring solution, hosted on Microsoft Azure, boasts of the ability to diagnose issues in real time, providing complete visibility to users that keep them abreast of the system’s health status.

Most organizations who monitor skype for business with UnifySquare attributed to the fact that they enjoyed the deepest and fast insights on UC performance issues before users experiences were halted. Perhaps, that is why PowerSuiteTM engineers the world’s largest Microsoft for Business and Teams deployments.

Why the monitoring?

There are several benefits that accompany proactive monitoring and reporting of events taking place on your Skype for Business platform, these include;


  • Scalability; With monitoring, administrators can identify in-effective old devices that need replacement, as well as expensive devices that are not fully utilized.
  • Real-time system troubleshooting; Administrators have an upper hand in detecting bumps that might prevent end users from executing their roles such as sending instant messages, joining conferences, and establishing calls.
  • Improved quality of services enjoyed by end-users: Where metrics deal with the actual transmission of information, they provide data on what happened to the information between the sender and receiver, these include packet loss and jitters, round-trip times, among other inhibitors. These travelogues of information helps engineers fine-tune the system to the users’ maximum advantage.
  • Deeper insights on how users are utilizing UC features: With monitoring, you can measure the number of instant Messaging Sessions, document sharing, Skype for Business calls, video conferencing and much more. This provides an in-depth analysis of how users are utilizing the resources available to them.
  • Consumer satisfaction hence high Returns on Investment; Delivering rich and compelling universal communication solutions makes a real difference that results to satisfied customers. Propelling such adaptations aimed at best serving the customer means a high Returns on Investments.


Reporting is great, but what makes it even better is proactive reporting that eliminates the room for experiencing downtimes which can alter and heavily damage productivity.  Since every second you talk to your customers count, proactive monitoring of Skype for Business is a key business strength, check it out.

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