Websites-More Than Your Online Presence

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October 10, 2017
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Websites-More Than Your Online Presence

Responsive Design Internet Web Online Browsing Technology Concep

Responsive Design Internet Web Online Browsing Technology Concept

Nearly three decades down the line, the World Wide Web has transformed from a few sentences organized into different topics. Currently, it is an avenue of transmitting all sorts of data. Did you know that, your website being a single domain consisting of different web pages mark more than your online presence?

Influence is key

In a recent article published by Time, they came up with a list of The 15 Most Influential Websites of All Time. Surprisingly enough, if you have a look at the listed websites, you will come to a conclusion that there is one thing they all share in common; they impact a huge audience by giving solutions instead of creating problems.

The first key to making your online presence felt is by being the centrepiece of influence in terms of filling a particular vacuum that is being experienced by your target audience. By having it in mind that you have to give a solution to a particular challenge.

First impression counts

Have you ever come across someone or something that you couldn’t easily get off your mind for quite sometime? I guess yes. If so, that’s just but a practical demonstration of how first impression really counts.

In an interview with the leading Toronto web design agency PixelCarve, they stated that what creates influence (which is key) is the first impression given to the website’s visitors. The first impression is what will dictate your client’s next cause of action; whether they will come back for more or it will be their last time on your web pages.

The above views happen to coincides with one of Forbes’ publications which indicated that we live in a world where everyone Googles before they do nearly everything. If you are running a business, consumers make judgements on whether they can trust your services or not, depending on the first impression your website gives them.

Bad websites, therefore, means no business

Since first impression counts, it is inherent that poorly built websites means no business for the owners since they tend to drive away the potential audience to other more well-presented platforms.

Take an example of a situation whereby a search engine warns a web visitor of the various consequences they might face by visiting a unsecured website? Or rather, a visitor in his or her high spirits landing on dull and slow-to-load web pages? Such first hand experiences as a result of a job poorly done will register very low visitor comebacks if any.

Inspiration is essential

Since ‘beauty is in the hands of the mouse holder’, you need to connect with what he or she is expecting to experiencing on your website. The more your relate to your visitors experiences, the more you raise your chances of making your online presence felt; appeal to emotions with facts. Since we have come a long way from stone tablets to more beautiful ways in which information is presented, a good website should grab the visitors attention in such a clear manner and within the shortest time possible.


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