Succeeding in Big Data Projects as A Small Business Enterprise

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February 8, 2017
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Succeeding in Big Data Projects as A Small Business Enterprise


Businesses are very excited about the benefits they can get from big data – and that’s not a secret. For years, large businesses have utilized big data analytics with the aim of improving efficiency and increasing revenue.  

On the other hand, small businesses feel it’s like they have been left out on this trend. Big data is a technical strategy which uses the latest technology to analyze data in order to get important insights.

But, advanced technology presents its own challenges, complicating the process of maintenance and making it necessary for the small business to seek out IT support services by and other competent IT support firms.

In the past, when hiring an IT support firm was extremely expensive, big data projects were out of reach for small businesses. However, decreasing costs have made it possible for these businesses to access big data solutions.

The challenge the small businesses face is, how to utilize big data to its maximum. Which strategy can the small businesses pursue to ensure the big data project is successful? There are numerous strategies small businesses can adopt to make the big data implementation successful.

Developing big data strategy will revolutionize the way small businesses handle data, how a business operates and what they focus on. So, businesses implementing big data for the first time shouldn’t aim too high.

They should have manageable expectations. Big data comes from various sources, and small businesses can identify the ways to use the collected data if they narrow their focus.

Boosting the knowledge and data in possession to small business is a good place to start. Installing IoT sensors to collect data for a small business can be a misplaced idea.

Any small business should be in possession of large volumes of data to process. This data can be from sales to social media interactions. Analyzing this data is a good step before developing a big data strategy.

Specificity is very important to all big data projects. Small businesses should be able to define their goals very clearly while specifying the expectations they want to achieve at the same time.

Companies can waste a lot of time collecting and analyzing data for no reason if they fail to have a clear direction. Before a small business begins any big data project, it must declare the business cases they are going after. If they have such strategies, they can indeed achieve a lot from the big data projects.

Small businesses can still struggle to implement big data solutions even when they have these guidelines. Apart from knowing how to utilize the tools in the first place, they have minimal knowledge of the tools available at their disposal. The solution to this can be found in the cloud.

Big data analytics can be found in the cloud, like any other services. The businesses can access some of the big data cloud services for free or purchase them depending on the price plan of the service provider. Small businesses can achieve capabilities they never possessed before.

Small businesses don’t have to worry about investing heavily in software and hardware as big data is now available in the cloud. Small businesses can receive assistance to digitize their existing data from cloud services with a modular data center. The data can be put in a place which can enable it to be analyzed for big data insights.

This comes down to identifying and adopting the right tools. Today, there are number user-friendly tools which don’t require a lot of learning available for businesses to adopt.

Choosing less complicated analytics tool can lead to a successful big data project. With these tools, small businesses can unify their resources and be able to get most out of the data they already have.

Big data is very complex, and a single solution cannot offer the pathway to its immediate success. However, small businesses can find big data projects more effective if they implement the above ideas. Small businesses have different goals and objectives and implementing big data can help them achieve them very easily.

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