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What is TIBCO Spotfire?

TIBCO Spotfire is a data visualization and analysis solution for enterprises that allows them to augment business intelligence. The enterprise-grade software comes with built-in data wrangling and provides all the tools needed to generate deep insights and visualize and stream analytics. Spotfire software brings smart into businesses, delivers AI-driven analytics and makes it easier to plot interactive data on maps.

Spotfire can be used for a variety of purposes and in addition to Google-like maps, it also works with other map layers and web map service. The visual interface is designed to make it easier for users to create analytics apps and operational dashboards. The solution is available for desktops (Microsoft Windows), as a cloud subscription as well as a complete platform for enterprises (Server based). Native apps for Android and iOS (Spotfire Metrics and Analytics) extend the core functionality and enable users to stay productive while on the go.

What TIBCO can do for your business?

The platform helps businesses transform their data into powerful insights with ease and in less time. It facilitates deep data discovery by mashing up information from multiple sources and makes it easier to interpret results using more than 16 types of rich visualizations, including maps, bars, line and pie charts, network graphs and heat maps.

The visual interface makes it easier to create analytic apps in just a few clicks and provides the tools required to publish assets across multiple platforms.

Which Programming Languages Does Spotfire Support?

Enterprises can choose between different programming languages for developing their applications. The platform supports C#, .Net for desktop app development, ASP.Net for Web app development, Java for desktop app development and JSP/JSF for web apps and URL for web app development using the URL API.

How Much Does Spotfire Cost?

TIBCO Spotfire software is available as a free 30-day trial after which enterprises can choose from three pricing plans as follows:

TIBCO Cloud Spotfire: Analytics SaaS (Pricing starts from $25/month)

  • Immediate access from anywhere
  • Unlimited scalability
  • No IT infrastructure needed, zero maintenance

TIBCO Spotfire Platform: On-premises or installed on enterprise servers (Price by quote)

Enterprises get complete control of performance, security and scaling

Tibco Cloud Spotfire Enterprise: Spotfire as a private service (Price by quote)

Fully managed and dedicated instances

Complete control on the environment, but runs in TIBCO’s private cloud

How Spotfire Helps Businesses?

TIBCO Spotfire helps businesses of all sizes make the most out of business intelligence and is much more than just another reporting platform. The analytics solution supports native connectivity to all major databases and other big-data tools as well as third party apps such as CRM, Microsoft Excel and ERPs. Native connectivity with R Project means better automation of reports in different formats including PowerPoint and PDF, while the robust API offers power users everything they need to take software development to another level.


The comprehensive set of features along with availability for desktop, server and browser-based operation makes the platform one of the most flexible and scalable solutions. However, it’s important to choose the right delivery method as each business has its own requirements. Businesses that want complete control over their data find on-premises solutions a better option, while growing or small and medium businesses prefer SaaS model as it’s accessible from anywhere and does not involve huge upfront costs.


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